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Buy Safely! Drive Safely!

We at Auto Checkers aim to satisfy the needs of not only our customers, but also of anyone wishing to learn more about safe buying and safe driving in Taiwan. We strive to offer as many functions and information as possible to assist in raising standards of vehicle ownership in order to achieve our goal of a safer and more enjoyable driving experience in Taiwan. Our main functions are used car sourcing, servicing and repairs. We aim to take the sting out of sourcing and running a used car in Taiwan!

Confidence and Safety


Auto Checkers has been operating since 2006. We are a British run vehicle sourcing and service centre, which caters for the needs of the motorist who puts quality, safety and reliability as their number one priority.

We cater for individuals and businesses who require a higher standard of service than they receive from the average service centre. Our staff adhere to British standards of service and maintenance and employ fully trained and certified technicians. 

We provide a comprehensive solutions package from vehicle sourcing to servicing, maintenance, restoration and even modifications. We offer expertise covering a wide range of brands and models from all over the world.



  • Maintenance
  • 200-point car inspections
  • Servicing
  • Car sourcing
  • Upgrades
  • Modifications
  • Appraisal
  • Articles
  • Videos
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