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It should be noted that vehicle prices and details found online are often falsified by dealers in Taiwan who tend to use bait and switch techniques. These techniques are most commonly used by dealers outside the Taipei area, although since 2014, even Taipei dealers are more frequently using the technique. Those unfamiliar with Taiwan may not be used to such devious tricks. Autocheckers recommends asking for realistic budgets for vehicles, ahead of sending us your sourcing requests.

Professional vehicle sourcing is the easiest way to find the perfect vehicle, without all of the negative stresses associated with the used car market.

We all know that used cars are not always the easiest thing to find yourself, especially if you don't have a professional eye for quality. Not to mention how long you can spend running around, wasting time, looking at vehicles and speaking to hard-selling salespeople.

Auto Checkers resolves all of the issues usually associated with sourcing a vehicle, such as interpretation, negotiation, quality inspection, minor repair consultations with workshops, re-inspections, minor modifications, service management and more.

Simply put, we do all the hard work until your vehicle can be delivered to you in full working and safe condition.

Below is a step by step guide to show how we find you your perfect set of wheels.













After Sales

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Contact Auto Checkers with your completed sourcing request form found at the bottom of this page. By telling us your requirements regarding your vehicle or your circumstances, we may offer additional information on the vehicle of your choice, or possibly recommend alternatives as well as information on vehicle transfer and legal requirements. Once we are both happy with the possibility of finding a suitable vehicle for you, Auto Checkers will accept your request and proceed to the next step.

A.C will endeavour to gain information on as many vehicles of the decided model type as possible and through onsite visits, we will filter out all but the best example we can find. We will take multiple high quality photographs of the potential vehicle and send them to you via email along with all available information on the vehicle, including odometer readings, price, colour, general condition etc. If you are happy with the information you receive, we can arrange for viewing of the vehicle at your convenience. If you are happy, we will proceed with the full 200-point inspection and only if the vehicle passes, then we will proceed to the next step. 

At this stage, we will arrange for the seller and yourself to sign a purchase contract for the vehicle. You will typically be required to pay a deposit, which is a portion of the car's value. Once the contract is made, we will consult with the seller on any minor repairs or servicing which they must have completed before handover and which are included in the contract.

We will reinspect the quality of all repairs, or in some circumstances and only by request may offer to manage any repairs or modifications ourselves.

Once the vehicle is fully completed and all transfer details completed, we will notify you and arrange a time for vehicle handover. This may be done at the seller's location, or if required, we may arrange delivery of the vehicle for you.

You will pay any remaining moneys to the seller at this point and will finalise the remaining sale contract portion.

Auto Checkers is happy to keep you safe in the knowledge that we won't just leave you with your car and expect you to sort out your own servicing and repairs after your purchase. 

We provide a vast array of service solutions for your vehicle and can maintain your vehicle's excellent condition well into the future. We can even arrange resale if and when you eventually decide to sell.

Please read our services page for more information on additional services.

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