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200-Point Vehicle Inspections

Take advantage of Auto Checkers' most comprehensive vehicle inspection and help ascertain the roadworthiness of a vehicle before or after purchasing.

This inspection assesses underlying faults or damage and will easily help a potential buyer understand the potential cost, reliability and safety of a vehicle.

Many of our customers have already testified to the usefulness of this report, which has helped them save money from potentially expensive repairs before they have taken collection of their used vehicle.


200-Point Inspection Categories

Body Exterior


Panel condition and alignment
Exterior trim
Number Plates
Door Lock Operation
Bonnet/Hood catch
Bonnet/Hood hinges
Soft top (operation/condition)
Corrosion protection
Fuel filler cover and cap
Exterior wing/door mirrors
Front light lenses
Rear light lenses
Hub caps/Wheel trims/Wheels
Headlamp washers/wipers
Windscreen/windshield washers
Windscreen/windshield wiper (front)
Windscreen/windshield wiper (Rear)
Body Inspection fault map


Discs / pads (if visible)
Pipes / connections
Flexible hoses
Fluid leaks
Wheel Cylinder connections
ABS sensors
Brake limiting devices
Servo / power system
Master cylinder security & fluid condition
Handbrake/Parking brake linkage
Handbrake./Parking brake op / adjustment

Manual / Automatic Transmission

Fluid / oil leaks
Cables / adjustments
Hydraulic system
Linkage (wear)
Gearbox Mountings
Prop-shaft (s)
Bearings / supports
Joints / couplings
System condition
Universal / sliding joints

Wheels and Tyres
Wheels & nuts
Front RH Tyre
Front LH Tyre
Rear LH Tyre
Rear RH Tyre
Tyre Size
Spare Tyre (if visible)

Interior Compartment

Steering Wheel / Adjustment
Seat upholstery
Seat adjustment
Seat-belts operation & wear
Carpets/ Linings
Door trim panels
Door fittings / operation
Door seals / hinges
Interior sills
Headlining / visors
Sun roof operation & seals
Dash panel
Cigarette lighter
Mirrors (internal)
Rear parcel shelf
Boot / tailgate lever/button
Fuel filler cap lever/button
Illumination lights
Soft top (material)
Hard Top Operation
Tonneau cover (pick up trucks)
Fuse Box
Glove Box lid

Engine Compartment

Coolant Level / Condition
Coolant Leaks
Radiator / Cap
Hoses / Pipes
Water Pump leakage/pulley
Drive Belts
Power Steering leakage/pulley
Clutch Fluid
Brake Fluid
Engine Oil level
Automatic Gearbox Fluid Level
Engine mountings
Fuel Injection pipes
Carburetor linkage & leaks
Turbo / Supercharger
Fuel pump / pipes
Accelerator linkage
Cold starting - where practicable
Fast idle (cold) - where practicable
Noise level (cold) - where practicable
Excess fumes / smoke
External leaks (engine)
Firewall damage
Chassis damage or repair
Wing attachment
Strut mountings/attachment
Battery attachment
Battery terminals attachment
Fire and repair evidence
Flooding evidence
Engine heat shields
Air intake pipes
Air Filter condition (if accessible)
Radiator Air Fins condition
Fuse Box


Heat shields / mountings
Oxygen/CO2 Sensor

Fuel System

Tank fixings
Fuel lines
Breather pipes
Evidence of leaks

Front Suspension

Engine underside leakage
Steering joints/ ball joints
Steering rack / box
Power steering hoses

Chassis members for
Pipes / hoses
Sub-frames / mountings
Tie bars / anti roll bars & bushings
Corrosion protection
Corrosion - floor/chassis
All rubber boots condition
Wheel hubs / bearings
Springs/suspension units
Suspension arms / mountings

Rear Suspension

Anti roll bar
Springs/suspension mountings
Location rods/fixings
Suspension arms/mountings
Bump stops/gaiters
Wheel hubs/bearings
Sub-frames/ mountings
Chassis members
Corrosion protection
Corrosion - floor/chassis

Wheels and Tyres

Wheels & nuts
Front RH Tyre
Front LH Tyre
Rear LH Tyre
Rear RH Tyre
Tyre Size
Spare Tyre (if visible)

Boot / Trunk

Boot lid/ Backdoor operation
Carpet/ Lining fitment & condition
Panel security & fitment
Tool kit & Jack
Warning triangle
Floor & rear sill structure

Electrical Controls

Ignition barrel
Warning lights
Automatic Power Ariel
Touch Screen operation
Battery charging system
Voltages at battery: nominal, starting, charging
Sidelights / running lights
Rear / No. plate lights
Stop lights
Indicator/ Hazard lights
Reverse / Fog lights
Auxiliary lights
Interior / Panel lights
Mirrors (electric)
Controls / Switches
Heater / Fan controls
Air Con operation
Windows / Sun roof

Road Test

Handbrake/Parking brake operation
Cold Start Operation (When practicable)
Excess smoke
Engine noise
Steering effort
Clutch operation
Engine performance
Auto changes / kick-down
Steering Wheel Alignment
Instrument /controls function
Gearbox operation / noise level
Temperature Gauge
Fuel Gauge
Final drive/Overdrive
4WD operation
Low / High box operation
Cooling fan operation
Hot restarting
General steering / handling
Road holding / stability
Suspension noise
Oil leaks
Coolant leaks
Overheating Evidence

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