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Thanks to all of our customer feedback, Auto Checkers has grown stronger over the years with its customer support and services.


We hope that any customer of Auto Checkers feels that they can share their own experiences with us and perhaps let others know what to expect from the most demanding, hard working and only motor vehicle sourcing and checking company in Taiwan.

If you are a customer of Auto Checkers and are interested in posting a testimonial on the site, please mail us with your words and any pictures and we'll be happy to post them onto our website. Below are just a few happy Auto Checkers customers who wanted to share their experiences.

Name: David Devey
T.E.S. Teacher


"I've learned a lot watching Jamie look at cars i've found and I have discovered that you can't spot something thats gonna fall appart unless you really know what you're doing. Cars are tricky anywhere, especially taiwan, so save yourself a lot of cash and get a professional to have a look. I cannot recommend Jamie enough!"

Name: Steven Henry
Occupation: Surgeon


"I was very pleased with the service provided by Auto Checkers, who facilitated the car-buying experience from start to finish. My consultant offered a detailed discussion of the automobile market in Taiwan (much different than in the US!) and helped me to decide what type of vehicle would best meet my needs. He then located several suitable cars within my price range and took me around town to see them. The most valuable services, however, were the actual inspection, which was impressively thorough and knowledgeable, and the translation, which was absolutely critical to communicate with the dealers. So in essence he provided 5 services: advice, search, transportation, inspection, and translation, any one of which would have been terribly difficult if not impossible to do on my own. Quite simply, I couldn't have done it without him. Well worth the money!"

Name: Marek Frackowiak
I.T. development.


"I come to Taiwan from Poland and I only found the real Taiwan after buying a car with the assistance of Auto Checkers and traveling to the most and least known places on the island with my family, in the safe knowledge that my car met the highest safety and quality standards."

Name: Zachary Zeliff & Alisa Kutsel  (Returning Clients)
Product Development & Design


We didn't know where to start looking for a well maintained sports car. Uncommon enough to even see on the road in Taiwan, much less find one for sale in good condition.
Despite our existing network of Taiwanese friends (including one that had a best friend as a used car sales man) We were unable to find a respectable quality BMW Z4.

Jamie simplified the process enormously, and here's what he did:

  • Consultation before the vehicle source confirmed my decision on the brand and model.
  • Sourcing the vehicle, provided perhaps one of the best quality 2005 BMW Z4's in Taiwan.
  • AC Taiwan's full inspection disclosed a front passenger side bushing needed to be replaced which improved the handling of the car.
  • Wheels and tires were changed to my specifications.
  • All the typical Taiwanese sales lies, filtered.
  • Insurance was discussed and purchased.
  • Registration, contracts, license, price were all negotiated with ease.
  • After purchase service references were provided.
  • A part of this information was communicated by phone and e-mail while I, Zach was traveling overseas.
  • I cannot stress this enough: Terrific value! Jamie's costs were easily recouped multiple times over through price negotiations and ease of purchase.”

​Name: Anthony Van Dyck

Occupation: Site Administrator

"My knowledge of cars pretty much ends with oil changes and windshield wipers, so when it came time to buy a "new" used car, I was worried that I'd be out of my depth.  Fortunately, I had the good sense to call Jamie Alton of Auto Checkers.  Not only did he drive out with me to look at the car (a Volkswagen Vento), he gave it a thorough going-over, carefully examining the chassis, the body, the electrical system, the engine, the brakes, well - everything!  At the end, he was able to give me an honest appraisal of what the car's condition really was, what I should offer for it, and also what I should have done to it.  He took all the guesswork out of the equation, and after some consideration, I went back, made an offer and drove away with the car!  I was happy that I knew what I was getting into, and confident that the car was worth what I paid for it.  Jamie's service didn't end with the purchase of the car, however.  As there were some upgrades and repairs that I wanted for the car before taking it home, he also accompanied me to a garage and talked to them at length and in detail in Chinese, about what exactly I needed, and made sure that the price they were charging was an honest one.  I've been driving the same car for almost three years now, and I'm still satisfied!  I have no reservations about recommending Jamie Alton - he gets two thumbs up from me!"

Name: Chris McKelvie
Occupation: T.E.S. Teacher

"My family and I arrived in Taipei at the end of August 2009 desperate to get a car after two years of relying on taxis in Shanghai. In a compact country like Taiwan with so much to see we were very excited by the thought of being able to travel to our own agenda again and take in sights that would otherwise be a struggle too far away. This excited all of us greatly, but the thought of having to go out and do the leg work in finding one didn't! Knowing we had a contract to come to the part of the world a few months in advance we obviously did plenty of pre-digging to see how difficult a task this would be when we arrived. Most of the reading I did in preparation led me to Jamie and his Auto Checkers services. I couldn't believe how many positive things were being said in blogs about him and his service so I had little hesitation in asking him to look for a suitable car for me and my family. The whole experience was fabulous experience; being able to sit back and watch him go through the car he had found for us with a fine tooth comb. Professionally we could not have been happier with the service he provided and we are ecstatically happy with the Mazda 3 he sourced for us. The service Jamie provided didn't stop with the locating of a suitable car as he stayed with us through every step, from registration to insurance and has provided us with an option of after-service if ever we should need it. It is without reservation that I recommend Jamie to anyone in the market for a car here in Taiwan. Thank you Jamie...  "

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