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Auto Checkers strives to offer the most comprehensive list of functions and services for the benefit of convenience while maintaining the strictest attention to quality. To take advantage of our services, simply give us a call, or drop us a mail. We'll be happy to help in any way we can.

Vehicle Sourcing

This comprehensive, specialist service will offer consultation to the customer regarding vehicle requirements and budget. We will then find the best example of a suitable vehicle given the customer's specifics and needs. This includes a full inspection report and, best of all, we don't charge a penny unless the customer is happy with our choice of vehicle. Vehicles can be sourced from a trusted network of dealerships and sellers island wide. 

All verbal translation between dealers and the customer is included and any minor repairs made before vehicle handover. Full peace of mind!


Vehicle Inspections

This ten page, fully comprehensive inspection report is for those wishing to understand as much about a vehicle they have sourced as possible before spending any money. This service often saves a buyer money and time as well as identifies potentially dangerous or unreliable vehicles. This report is included in our Vehicle Sourcing service


& Maintenance

Auto Checkers fully trained technicians provide a greater level of detail for your car experienced in a wide range of vehicle types from European to Japanese. Our fully tooled workshop is perfect for dealing with any car's needs.

We inspect all major systems, with every service we perform on our customer's cars. We believe that this is the only way to provide full confidence in a vehicle's condition. This ensures maximum safety and reliability, and helps to reduce the chance of vehicle breakdown and uneccesary accidents.




Auto Checkers provides a host of solutions for you and your vehicle's needs, to keep it performing and looking as you would expect it to.

Whether you want to keep your vehicle as original as possible, or need help modernizing it, we are confident that we can apply our experience to help realise your dreams. 

PB Big brakes and suspension coilovers offer the most competitive products for the most competetive cost. Without a doubt, these highly rated and award winning components will increase safety, stability and performance for your car.

PB offers a solutions package for almost any car on the market, so be sure to drop us a line with your vehicle's info for a quotation.

Car Rentals

Travel around beautiful Taiwan, and let Auto Checkers take the stress of maintaining and cleaning a low cost vehicle by taking advantage of our rentals programme. We provide a number of vehicles  for the short or long term. As with all our rentals programmes you also have the option to buy.

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