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Used Vehicle Buy-ins

Auto Checkers is very interested in purchasing your used vehicle. We are constantly on the look-out for vehicles which we may purchase for resale.

If you are looking for a competitive price for your used vehicle, then please contact us by either telephone or email with the details of your vehicle. If we are interested, then we will arrange for a viewing.  (Hint: Our telephone number and email are at the bottom of the page)

What can we offer?

  • Fast response with evaluations

  • Cash or payment transfer. It's up to you!

  • Same day paperwork and payment*

  • We manage all paperwork

  • We don't require any vehicle warranty from you

* Same day service may not be available during government holidays or for trade office employees.

Information to include when contacting us


  1. Vehicle Model

  2. Year of manufacture

  3. Engine size

  4. Gearbox type (manual/auto)

  5. Exterior & Interior colour

  6. Odometer reading

  7. Expected price

  8. Known faults, e.g. worn brakes, tyres, suspension, oil leaks, gearchange issues, interior cleanliness, scratches or dents to bodywork. etc.

Please include pictures with your email whenever possible!

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