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200-Point Inspection FAQ

For the benefit of clarity, we recommend you read the frequently asked questions and answers below, prior to booking and vehicle inspection.

Which vehicles don't you inspect?


  • Vehicles which the buyer or seller tell us are crash or flood damaged prior to inspection.

  • Vehicles that weigh over 3 metric tons.

  • Any vehicle over 15 years of age.

  • Kit cars

  • Specific high performance vehicles

  • Taxis or Ex-Taxis

  • Fully electric vehicles

  • LPG adapted vehicles.

How soon is the inspection carried out after booking?

We will inform you of our schedule as soon as we receive your booking request. Inspections are usually carried out as soon as possible and between one to three days.

Can I book a specific time for inspection?

Yes, you may, but this will depend upon availability.

Will you help me with translation with the seller after the inspection is complete?

​We do explain in Mandarin or English to any seller which faults we find present with their vehicle for the benefit of our customer. We do not include any additional interpretation, or buyer/seller negotiation services within the inspection fee. We can offer this service at an additional 2,000NT per half hour outside of the inspection period as long as prior notice is given.

Can I be present for the inspection?

Yes, you can be present for the inspection, but you don't have to be. Our technician will be able to hand over your copy of the inspection report immediately after inspection and explain the results. If you do not wish to be at the inspection site during the inspection, then a written inspection report will be sent to you by post, or by email.

You may not always be allowed into all workshop areas or inspection area during the inspection process for safety reasons.

How long does the inspection take?

The inspection typically takes between 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the vehicle type and condition.

Can I travel with the technician to the inspection site?

We do not include free pick-up and return of customers to vehicle inspection sites and do not recommend customers travel in our vehicles as they may be carrying inspection equipment and tools. Pick-up and return functions may be entirely at the discretion of the driver and at the risk of the passenger. Also damage to the vehicle or inspection equipment by the customer will be charged accordingly.

Do you offer a guarantee with your vehicle inspection?

Auto Checkers offers a money back guarantee for the quality of our inspection as long as our technician and inspected vehicle is at the inspection site. The inspection results are based on the opinion and expertise of the technician based on a visual assessment.

Do you always perform the road-test portion of the inspection?

​We perform the road-test portion of the inspection if the vehicle is road legal and fitted with licence plates and only when deemed safe to do so by the attending technician. The road-test may not be carried out if the vehicle is low on fuel or if the seller does not allow this to be carried out.

Do I have to prepare anything before the inspection?

  • Tell the owner that you are arranging a professional inspection and obtain the owner's permission to road test the vehicle

  • Check that the vehicle will be available at the specified time for the inspection and road test to take place

  • Check that the vehicle is fueled for the road test

  • The vehicle must be located on a hard, level surface off the public highway

  • The vehicle should be reasonably clean

What is not included in the inspection?

  • Cylinder compression tests

  • Satellite navigation systems

  • Air conditioning function with the use of specialist testing equipment

  • Exhaust emissions

  • Source of oil leaks

  • Dismantling of any vehicle components

  • Oil and fuel consumption

  • Accuracy of odometer readings

What if I don't buy the vehicle after inspection? Can I have a refund?

​Auto Checkers does not offer refunds unless we have failed to carry out our inspections accordingly and satisfactorily according to our guidelines. For those failing to find suitable vehicles for their needs, we do offer our vehicle sourcing service, which takes care of all of the hard work when sourcing a suitable vehicle.


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