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2005 Toyota Camry

Additional Extras


  • Sunroof

  • HID lights

  • Full Android multimedia

  • Front and rear traffic cams

  • Reverse camera screen

  • Leather seats

  • Electric windows and power locks

  • Climate control

  • Twin Airbags

  • Rear screen automatic sun shade

  • Alloy wheels

  • remote trunk release

  • electric driver's seat

Vehicle Specifications

Year - 2005

Odometer - 113,000 km

Colour - Silver exterior with beige, leather interior

Engine - 2.0l petrol

Gearbox - Auto

Stereo - Full Android infotainment with bluetooth, gmaps, front and rear traffic cam, reverse cam and more.




Possibly Toyota's most reliable generation of large, passenger saloon, this Camry offers superb comfort, good economy and excellent performance wether shuttling passengers or highway cruising. It's volumous and well equipped, quiet interior offers one of the most comfortable experiences in its class. The Camry is indeed perhaps the best budget, luxury saloons available with the bonus of being perhaps the most reliable.

This car comes with a six month warranty


NT$ 160,000

Please email or call us for more information, add Line ID: jamiealton
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