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200-Point Inspection

Terms & Conditions

Auto Checkers will charge for any full inspections we commit to under our Inspection Service unless the customer gives prior notice of cancellation ahead of time and before the technician is on route to the inspection site.


Auto Checkers will demand payments according to the prices and procedures indicated on our online price list. Auto Checkers may waive charges or offer refunds if it cannot complete its offer of service(s).
Auto Checkers will require full payment for vehicle inspections carried out where the road test portion of the inspection service cannot be completed for any reason such as, but not limited to, legality, owner permission or condition.


Road test sections of the vehicle inspection report may only be carried out on public roads if the vehicle is licensed and displays corresponding license plates according to the law.

Any contract(s) between vehicle seller(s) owner(s) and buyer(s) either made or broken based on the results of services provided by Auto Checkers are not the responsibility of Auto Checkers.


Auto Checkers inspections and the information contained within the inspection report is entirely the opinion of Auto Checkers and may not be used as official evidence in a Court of Law.


Auto Checkers does not provide warranties or guarantees within our sourcing or inspection services that pertain to vehicle performance, reliability, build, quality, perceived value for money or safety.


Any losses financial or otherwise sustained by any customer(s) of Auto Checkers, outside the limitations of our services, will not be considered the responsibility of Auto Checkers. We will not accept any responsibility for the actions of third parties including, but not limited to: failure to provide accurate vehicle history; failure to finalize a deal for any reasons not relating to Auto Checkers services; failure to provide completed and acceptable repair(s) within an agreed timescale; failure to return deposits.

Auto Checkers services and standards should not be considered a substitution for government inspections or those carried out by government-affiliated agencies.


Auto Checkers reserves the right to update our standards and services at any time. Auto Checkers reserves the right to update or change any information contained on this site including its terms and conditions, articles, forms, descriptions of services, opinions or other.

Auto Checkers inspection reports are considered valid only at the time of inspection. Alterations or changes to the conditions of vehicles which happen after the inspector has left the site of inspection are not the responsibility of Auto Checkers.


Auto Checkers claims no responsibility for the health or wellbeing of its customers either during or after receiving Auto Checkers services. Customers are reminded that they are responsible for ensuring their own health and safety during transportation, road testing, when visiting vehicle sales sites and workshops. The customer accepts all risks to their own health and wellbeing.

The customer will act responsibly when dealing with any aspect of the services of Auto Checkers, and to refrain from any defamation of the good name of Auto Checkers to third parties. Any complaints concerning the services of Auto Checkers should be addressed directly to Auto Checkers.


Auto Checkers reserves the right to refuse the transportation of its customers or third parties if they fail to wear seatbelts whilst travelling even if the law does not require them to do so. We may also not provide for the transportation of children or luggage to or from inspection sites.

Auto Checkers inspection reports and the Auto Checkers name may never be used for advertising purposes by anyone or any company other than Auto Checkers itself. Any reports or affiliated Auto Checkers branding, material or information that isn't supplied directly by Auto Checkers should not be considered accurate nor be relied upon unless endorsed by Auto Checkers.

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